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Updated Alinous-Core 2.1.51

I've updated Alinous-Core 2.1.51. The change of this version is written at Alinous-Core 2.1.51 Update Note.

Server side update

The Alinous-Core server's update is below.

  • The "alns:iterate" attribute is available for ul, il and other container Html tags

Application update

The update of application is mainly for Alinous Document CMS.

  • Smart phone tamplate is available
  • Initial setting of the CMS is changed
  • Add attribute of URL in the page editor

Cloud software update

The cloud software images hosted in Github and Docker hub is updated.

  • Alinous Cartridges for Openshift are updated
  • Docker images Including Alinous-Core server are updated
  • Docker images for Alinous Document CMS is updated

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