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Alinous-Core 2.1.51 Update Note

This page is version update log for Alinous-Core 2.1.51. Folowing update will be done in this release.

Alinous Document CMS

Alinous Document CMS is currently alpha version. The Content Management System for PC website is available, but smart phone page is testing phase.

On the next release, update smart phone support functions will be added and document will be also updated.

Tasks for smart phone

  • Add smart phone templates
  • Make default setting for smart phone page
  • Add smart phone document in this website

Alinous-Core Server update

Alinous-Core is stable. But some extension will be done.

  • Add "alns:iterate" support for "ul" tag

Those update will be done in the next 2.1.51 Release.

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