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Start logging software update of Alinous-Core

We've started to log the update for each versions. And make the development status open.

Recently, Alinous-Core updated many times. It is because the application written in Alinous-Core increases, and they require a lot of function for the Alinous-Core programming language.

Every time, I've added new functions, so it become very huge.

Policy of Version

The Alinous-Core has following softwares.

  • IDE based on Eclipse Plugin
  • Language Server
  • Application and Examples

The IDE contains other software, so the version is based on the IDE's one.

The Language Server is bundled in the IDE. It is used when debugging application you wrote. The Applications and Examples are also bundled in the IDE and you can make new project with the New Project Wizard.

Cloud Softwares

Alinous-Core has Cloud Software based on the Openshift and Docker. The installer or the Docker Image is hosted on Github and DockerHub. 

I'm going to maintain them on the Github, and the container image will have latest version of Language Server and Application.

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