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Mobile usability error on WebMaster tool's decreased

Last time, I wrote my website has a lot of Mobile Usability errors on the Google Webmaster Tools. But I fix them by making mobile pages, it come to decrease.

Google's Mobile Usability Errors

Fix the error by adapting smart phone pages

I've found the errors on 11/8/2014, and fixed them on 11/12. After that, I've done Fetch as Google by Mobile Crawl mode.

It was very hard to do all pages, so I've downloaded the error csv, and do it for the pages in the csv files. After doing Fetch as Google, most of the crawlers come to my website is Google-Mobile. And that continues for 2 weeks.

This website's design is not responsive web design, but Google detect smart phone page and the corresponding desktop page smoothly.

Therefore, as google says, the responsive web design is recommended but not essential to do SEO. They deal both of the website which is mobile friendly same.

After reducing the error

After most of the errors disappears, the speed of crawling become faster. I thought that is because maybe it is because redirection occurs when crawling with the Mobile Crawler.
But the default crawler comes more than before.

So I think when you launch a new website, you have to make mobile friendly website from the first time. it is because the crawler comes a lot, I think the website can get over the sandbox period faster.

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