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Docker hub form minimum Java PostgreSQL image is ready

Last time, I've made a minimum Docker image for Java and PostgreSQL, and this time I've made the github repository and Docker Hub repository.

I'm using auto build function of the Docker Hub. The list of my repository is following url.

Dcoker Hub for alinous organization

The url of the source code hosted on the git hub is below.

How to pull and use the Docker image

You can pull the Docker Image by following command.

By pulling the image, the Docker Image is available on your PC. The detail of this image is written at the last entry.

This image is really minimum set up of the CentOS image. In order to manipulate the applications installed in it, and install other image, please use the "docker attach" command.

The source code of the build file is hosted on the git hub, and it is very easy. I explain about the source code at the last entry.

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