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Google Webmaster Tools added Mobile Usability Error Page

Today, I found the Usability Error Page on Google Webmaster Tools. And I found a lot of errors in this page.

Mobile Usability Page

This picture is one of this web site.

The Alinous Document CMS has function to add Mobile Page. But currently this function is not available.

But in near future, I'll implement function. There is a input to specify the 2nd template on the document's editor page of this CMS.

Secondary Template input

This input is to specify the Mobile Template for the Smart Phone and Tablet Browsers. You'll be able to set a template for each pages. And you can set the secondary template from summary page of the articles. By using it, you can set the template of multiple pages at once.

Article Summary

I think the Smart Phone become more popular, and access from them will increase more and more. So I think this function is essential.

After writing the set up tutorial after you installed this CMS, I'll implement it and write the document.

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