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Web based Database Application development tool

Introduction movie

Alinous-Core is powerful and FREE programming language and IDE.The IDE is provided as Eclipse plugin.You can download IDE, develop web  based application software and deploy it ALL FREE.

In Japan, Alinous-Core is used to develop enterprise application, mainly cms, e-commerce, sales, logistic and 3pl application.

Why Alinous-Core is easy?

 Because Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language(DSL), and focus on Web2.0 applications using database.

Alinous-Core language consists of HTML, SQL and easy JavaSclipt-liked grammer. So you don't have to learn complex framework, and Alinous-Core IDE supports your development.

Learn more about Alinous-Core

Design Pattern and Examples

jQuery UI parts examples

There are examples of Alinous-Core using jQuery and server side program. You can learn the web development speedy by working them.

Design  pattern and examples

Application component

Web based application components

 Alinous-Core has Application component examples. These are using pwoerful jQuery plugins, and Alinous-Core supports the server side program.

Software Testing Automation

 The Alinous-Core is suitable for software testing automation by usin JUnit and selenium. The examples is tested by testing project written in Java language.

Software test automation

 By preparing test automation project for your website or web based application, it become high quality, robust, and strong for changing the specification.

Learning Alinous-Core

 It is very easy to understand Alinous-Core. If you have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and SQL. You can learn Alinous-Core in a few minutes.

Web document

document structure

 After take a look at movies, I think you understand the outline of this programming language. After that, in order to know about detail, please read documents in this website.


Alinous-Core Document

Support blog

 If you have question or need latest information about Alinous-Core. Please visit this blog and write some comment in any post.

Alinous-Core support blog

Download IDE and Language Server

 Alinous-Core provides

You can download and use them for FREE.


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